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I am a lover of black clothing. You can never have too many black clothes! FACT. Personally I have a closet just with black clothes (I know obsessive), Mrs. trying to be a minimalist over here & I'm completely failing. There are so many benefits to black clothing like, it matches with everything, it makes you look slim, it makes you look chic, it flatters all skin tones, I can go on forever. The thing about black clothes is that if you wear it ALL the time, you want to make it look like another outfit each time. So I decided to show you a few ways to style this simple black shirt & jeans.


I took my simple outfit and added a fur scarf. Aka add some texture. This is a very minimal add but it makes a difference. When wearing black adding different textures like leather, fur, fringe, etc makes it more fun!


Another simple addition to black outfits are accessories! You can add jewelry, hats, belts, etc! It makes your outfit look different automatically!


Lastly layers & colors. You can add layers using black if you want to keep it simple, it will still look so chic. I decided to add layers using another color. Colors add a nice pop whether they are bright or neutral!

Here's the shortest Lookbook you'll ever see...

I hope you took something away from this. I can't wait to see your outfit styling skills! Before we part ways, I just wanted to remind you that you’re not alone, you are loved, and you are making a difference!

-K A Y D E L V A L L E


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