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Coming up with a birthday party theme was really hard! We thought of colors, shows, food, words, bible verses, etc. We wanted to do something that fit Elias, and something completely new. Elias LOVES music. So we decided to give him a musical birthday party with a whole lot of blue! Elias house of Blues. I looked up ideas in pinterest & couldn't find any, hence I knew it was something new!

All the kids loved the ball pit! This was definitely a win! We got our from Amazon.

We made the table decor neutral with a touch of gold. We also had musical note confetti.

(this pic was taken prior to the confetti).

Charcuterie table. Delicious! We made a baked potato bar as well, forgot to take a pic! :(

Blue balloons everywhere!

Baby Smash cake by Mallory's Kitchen

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