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We have been so anxious for this day! Let me just say that we were, supposed, to find out the baby's gender at around 20 weeks of pregnancy. My lovely husband aka Nata, is more impatient then me, so we found out at 16 weeks! Well, we didn't necessarily find out by then, my sister & best friend did though.

Let me rewind a little bit. The way technology has advanced, it allows us to know the gender of a baby by the time a mother is 10 weeks pregnant! This is insane! In addition to that, you can go to many specialists that can do a sonogram just to find out the gender. We did a sonogram.

We knew we wanted to be surprised with the baby's gender so my sister and best friend came to the appointment with us. Nata and I figured, the quicker they found out, the quicker my family can do a small gender reveal get together.

In order to prepare for the appointment, I had to drink lots of water and eat a chocolate bar right before. This is supposed to help the baby wake up. I had no complaints as eating chocolate is the best task someone could give me! When we arrived, I got so anxious even though I wasn't going to find out the gender that day, BUT I knew that someone else would know! I had to use the bathroom as soon as I got there. Was it nerves or the water? I'd say both!

We get called into the room and the sonographer started the process. She showed us the baby on a big screen. When she first looked she said "OMG your baby is doing a headstand". We just laughed because it didn't surprise us. Then she kept moving and the baby decided to be shy and stay still. Our baby was sleeping after that! We didn't know what to do and then we decided, let's put music on my tummy. Sure enough the baby began moving! It was so funny, our baby is already a dancer!

When she went to check the baby's private parts, she turned off the screen so that we couldn't see. She showed my sister and best friend. Nata and I were staring at them to see if we knew what was happening, but both had poker faces!

After that, we picked an official date for the gender reveal. We had to wait 2 WEEKS! It felt like forever!!! It was so hard not to invite all of our friends because we truly wished all of them could be there, but thankfully we were able to invite a few of them that were very special to us and have known us since before we were married. During the get together, most of our family/framily thought the baby was going to be a girl. I was also very convinced.

The reveal part came, Nata's cannon went off right away! As soon as he saw BLUE he ran with joy! I was shocked and so emotional. I could barely move! I had a cannon fail due to not using more strength, but I was able to pop it after. At this moment I didn't know what to think, I was a little overwhelmed because now I knew for sure what the gender also was. I was very scared because I feel like I know little about boys, since I grew up with sisters & girls all my life. When I was able to get calm, I felt at peace and even more excited. I'm having a BOY!


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