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I wrote this post as I was in line waiting for sandbags which took over 5 hours! This hurricane was NOT my favorite. But anyways, this is about my current favorites so lets get started! I will be talking about beauty, fashion, and music. I also included a video at the end of this post incase you'd like to actually see the items in action after reading about it! Oh, and don't forget to tell me YOUR favorites in the comments so that I can try them out!

I like to try new beauty products monthly to see if I find things that work better. Some products hit the spot & end up working extremely well for my skin type & other products, not so much. My skin type is a bit combination but more on the oily side (especially my t zone)!! The products that I talk about below worked for me, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will also work for you, but if you have similar skin type then the chances are high that it can work for you!! My first favorite is the Rimmel stay matte powder in nude beige. I use this to set my makeup. It makes my face feels smooth & matte. I do apply it throughout the day to continue making my face matte.

Another favorite is the L'Oréal Volumonous lash paradise mascara. This mascara gives volume but also amazing length! It reminds me a lot of the better than sex mascara by too faced. Actually now thinking about it it's a very good dupe for it! I just don't suggest using it on the lower lash line because it does transfer a little. Overall one of my favorite mascara's by far! The price is nice too!

My next favorite is the real techniques detailer brush. This brush is perfect for detailing your brows & eye shadow! I personally use it to carve my brows and for cut crease shadow looks. It allows the product to go on very precise! A must have! Last beauty product is a lipstick called More Creamer Please by Dose of Colors cosmetics. This lipstick is from a collection that 2 YouTuber’s made (love them btw). It's a perfect nude shade for my skin tone! It's a matte finish but feels satin and very comfortable formula on the lips.

My current fashion favorite is high waisted shorts from forever 21. I wear them with so many different looks. I make them look more sporty with sneakers, casual with a cardigan, and dressy with heels! These actually go over my belly bottom, idk how many times I've tried on "high waisted" pants that aren't high waisted. These actually fit the criteria! Another fashion fav are my caps. I've never used to wear hats and little by little I'm starting to have a collection of them. They turn bad hair days into great days!

Currently dainty accessories have been my go-to. They bring a nice little pizazz to any outfit! I've been digging shorter necklaces, simple bracelets with nice details, and packs of earrings with fun shapes. I had a period of time where I only liked gold, then only silver, and now I love them all! Rose gold is new to my jewelry collection & mixing metals makes it more fun to add accessories.

Now, time for music! I had to narrow my list because if not you'll get SOOOOOO many songs! I don't have one song that I love more than another; they all make me groove & sing! First, I'll find you by Lacrae Ft Tory Kelly. This song brings comfort and strength. The beat is dope & her voice is just heaven in my ears! The next one Unforgettable by French Montana makes me want to dance & move my bootay! It makes me think of family time and relaxing. Next is Sorry not sorry by Demi lavato. This is a girl power song & makes me feel confident. Next, Wild thoughts by Dj Khaled. This song gives me throw back vibes to the Maria Maria song when I was younger. Nostalgic! Location by Khalid makes me want to freestyle & also relax. Two completely opposite things but it's such an intricate song. Last is New rules dua Lipa. Another girl power song, but it also makes me want to groove and be sassy!

Are any of these things your favorites as well?! Let me know in the comments below! Your voice matters & yes we'd love to hear it!

At the end of the day it's not about the makeup you wear, the clothes you have, or what you did, it's all about the person behind it all, YOU!

PS. If you want a better look at the items listed above, watch this short video!


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