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Sometimes finding that right pair of jeans takes FOREVER! Not to mention trying them on can be deceiving because you may love it and then once you wear it you realize they get loose over time, they break easily, they ride up uncomfortably, or >insert prob here<. So when you find a pair that works, you wear them WAY more than you should. Anybody else? Is there a rule on wearing the same pair of denim more than once a week?! I hope not because I'm guilty of this!

I know denim can also be costly so buying so many pairs of jeans can break the bank. My trick is to buy more tops to style my denim differently. It cost less money to buy multiple tops then it does jeans. I decided to show you how I styled the same pair of jeans four completely different ways! Enjoy!


At the end of the day it's not about what you wear, it's about how you wear it, but most importantly it's about the person under the outfit! YOU!

Check out the LookBook I made with the outfits:

Comment down below your favorite look. Also, What are your favorite jeans?!

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