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Have you ever felt like you aren’t good enough?

You feel like you’re trying so hard but you’re always failing? Like no one see’s your worth? Like you always mess up? Like you always fall short?

I have felt unworthy SO many times in my life. Sometimes I still have unworthy feelings come up. Feeling unworthy is one of the worst feelings. If I had to pinpoint reasons that lead to these feelings it would be some of the following:


Many times we put unrealistic expectations on our life. It goes hand in hand with perfectionism. We plan things out and when the results aren’t as expected we beat ourselves up. We blame ourself. Guess what?! You're not PERFECT and NEVER will be! If you fail, it's OKAY! If you mess up, it's OKAY! Learn from your experience and move forward. Don’t keep dwelling over things that have past, that’s how your mind keeps you feeling unworthy.


Sometimes our unworthy feelings come from trying to be so much like another person. We start comparing so much that we fall into this trap of not feeling good enough. We compare our looks, our careers, our family and more. It becomes an unhealthy trap. We start feeling like we aren’t doing things as good. As soon as you feel this remind yourself that you’re NOT meant to be like anyone else. You ARE worthy enough to be yourself!


At the end of the day. When you TRULY dig deep into these feelings of unworthiness, it has more to do with us than anyone around us! We secretly allow ourselves to feel this way and must take accountability. We must STOP this cycle! It sucks to say this but it’s actually selfish when we think this way. Take inventory of the most inner thoughts you think about yourself & make them more positive.


I am talented BUT

I am not good enough

I don’t deserve it

I wish BUT

It’s my fault

I always mess things up


I know you’ve been so hard on yourself. Here’s a little SECRET, everyone deals with this feeling of unworthiness, the problem isn’t this feeling, it’s overcoming this emotion. I combat this by changing my perception. As soon as I feel down, not good enough, or not worth it, I change the message around. It doesn’t happen right away. I may feel down for a while & once I realize it I don’t allow myself to listen to those negative thoughts. You have a choice to believe negative things about yourself, or speak good things about yourself. You don’t give yourself enough credit! YOU are WORTH it!


I got this

I am worth it

I am an overcomer

I will move forward

I’m doing my best

I am more than my mistakes

PS. You are flawed and STILL worthy!


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