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We are Pregnant! I've been waiting a while to say that! We are beyond excited for this journey! We weren't the "lucky" couple that got pregnant on the first try. We had been trying for a baby for about 10 months. It was a bit discouraging because I would cry and feel so sad when I took pregnancy tests with negative results. We kept praying because we knew God would be faithful. My period was about 3 days late and then on March 3rd 2018 I decided to check AGAIN with a pregnancy test. I felt it in my heart that I had to be pregnant, but at the same time I had been cramping like if I was getting my period so it made me feel bummed out. I had a test at home, so I decided when Nata went to work.

He left to work really early so when I woke up I took the test. I was nervous to look at my results, but at the same time I felt in my spirit, I was pregnant and sure enough, I saw that “pregnant”! My emotions went crazy in that moment. I just broke down with joy. Although I was expecting it, I was still surprised and shocked that it really happened! I wanted to tell Nata right away but I've always planned to surprise him. It was perfect because our anniversary was about to come up! I started thinking about how I wanted to tell him. At this point I was just so excited, grateful, scared, it was so surreal!

I decided to give him his anniversary gift early which included the pregnancy test. He was so full of joy (although he was half asleep, watch video below to get more details). I feel like it truly hit him the next day, haha. Although it wasn't an extremely quick journey to become pregnant, we also know that many other women struggle with infertility. My heart breaks for you, but remain strong because God will give you the desires of your heart. Don't give up!



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