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If you love makeup then you'd know that Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka singer Rihanna released a new beauty line called Fenty Beauty. This beauty collection made headlines quickly, not only because a superstar created it; it was because she came out with a BANG 40 foundation shades to hit almost every skin color! It is rare for a new beauty line to drop so many colors, but she did it with the intention of making everyone feel included & succeeded! (To other brands with only 10 foundation shades, take note. No shade lol).

I was able to get the foundation in my color (230). It was very easy for me because Rihanna made shade cards so that you can put them against your skin to find a match and then you can test it to make sure it matches on your actual skin. 40 shades is amazing, but it also means that for some people it will take a little extra time to find your "perfect" shade. My opinion of the foundation is that it does get a tad darker once it completely dries matte. It doesn't oxidize and change color throughout the day though. I love that it has a pump because it makes it very user friendly! It feels very comfortable on my skin and stays pretty matte thoughout the day. Like it literally helped control my oily face, SHOOK! It has medium coverage and makes my skin look flawless (Also, it hides my redness). This will be my current go-to for sure!


I was also able to get 2 Killawatt highlight shade duo palettes. The colors I got were Girl Next door/Chic Phreak & Mean Money/Hu$tla baby. I love how both palettes look on my skin! The powder has little to no fall out, blends very well, and a little goes a long way! I love that there is a more subtle shade & a blingy shade in each duo! Girl Next / Mean Money are the subtle yet buildable shades & Chic Phreak / Hu$tle Baby were BAM very shimmery shades.

PS. At the end of the day it's not about what makeup look you did, it's about the person wearing he makeup. YOU!

To see how everything looks on & a First Impression Review, Watch Now:


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